The Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace and Leadership was created in 2014 to recognize individuals and organizations that exemplify the work and spirit of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in service to those in need. The Prize acknowledges Mother Teresa's philosophy that the highest level of leadership is found in public service and it is in that service the seeds of global peace is sown.

Through her more than five decades of her service of the “poorest of the poor”, Mother Teresa message of selfless service has resonated as no other. Mother Teresa's message of leadership was simple— "Don’t wait for leaders, Do it alone. Person to person." And it is in each act of kindness that true leadership exists and true peace begins.

The Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace and Leadership resumes the legacy that was left by the Mother Teresa Awards discontinued in 2006 whose recipients included Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, the Dalai Lama, and Czech Republic President Vaclav Havel among other world leaders as well as men and women who have made lasting social impact.

Annually, two versions of the Award are presented based on individual impact at the global and local level. Nominees are received throughout each calendar year, and the two laureates are chosen by the Mother Teresa Global Peace Prize Committee.

Global Prize Recipient

Dr. John C. Maxwell

Dr. John C. Maxwell lives by a very simple but powerful philosophy: "Everything rises and falls on leadership." With so much hinging on this philosophy he has made it his life's passion to develop leaders at all levels. As a best-selling author, John has written over 70 books and speaks to millions of people who value what it takes to become a great leader. His non-profit Equip leadership training has trained more than 5 million leaders with their servant-leadership model in 188 countries.

Local Prize Recipient

Bill Murdock & Eblen Charities

The Eblen Charities is a non-profit organization whose outreach extends throughout the counties of western North Carolina and through its numerous programs has helped thousands upon thousand of families each year with medical and emergency assistance. "God love you for all you are doing for the sick and poor. Do not worry if you cannot help in big ways. Never think a small action for someone in need is not much. For what Jesus sees is the love you put in to what you do. He will bless your little and multiply it like he did with the loaves." —Mother Teresa of Calcutta in a letter to Eblen Charities Executive Director William Murdock